Local Glass Technology Company to Offer Materials to Reduce Gun Violence at Schools, Churches, Public Places

June 29, 2019

RE School Safety and Strategies to Reduce School Shootings

Below is a letter addressed to Douglas County School District officials. The intent of the letter is to introduce officials in their Planning & Construction Dept and Strategic Sourcing Department as to benefits of a safety glass that functions to deter aggressive behaviours including deadly school shootings.

Greetings Douglas County School District,


I wanted to first reach out as a concerned citizen and parent and express the deepest feelings of sadness, sympathy and frustration on yet another school shooting.


People want action but this systemic issue is by no means a blame situation but rather a prevention issue from now into the future


There are thousands of opinions surrounding why these mass shootings are happening but the data shows 9 out of 10 days they occur in USA over the past 5 years. Every community is poised to beg, hope and pray that their school is not the target for the next sociopath.



GlassTek is a Glass Technology company with factories over seas and here in Colorado. They have glass products that transform from opaque to transparent with a flip of a switch. (or by remote / tap of an app)


Dekker / Perich / Sabatini architects recently commented "GlassTek's SwitchGlass technology would best be used in schools, churches and public places where there seems to be a spike of mass shootings. SmartGlass is designed so any teacher, custodian, admin or safety staff could flip a switch and the shooter would be instantly deterred and confused"

Please view this 10 second video of the glass going from opaque to transparent in milleseconds.



Broomfield Colorado City Council members recently discussed the vulnerability of schools and churches , the come and go nature of these institutions have made them quite vulnerable.


Below is a school vulnerability worksheet with 369 safety line items and while each is important we have developed
one product that would make a significant increase in school safety


Please consider a meeting at your earliest convenience so we can discuss the features, functions and safety benefits of our Smart Glass.

For your consideration, we've attached a product data sheet as the glass also yields 98% UV Blocking and up to 60% heat reduction, in essence the glass pays for itself with energy savings.


When it comes to saving lives we all are in 100% agreement that all efforts to increase safety and reduce violence is priority #1.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting with you all at your earliest convenience.


  this video shows how interest on gun control spikes after a school shooting then returns to normal levels. This shows a general desensitization and acceptance of mass shootings as "normal" and part of our ordinary way of life.

For More information contact Jon Little of GlassTek 720-572-9605 





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