A FIX FOR BROKEN HEALTHCARE. Dr. Dickinson offers Community Supported Family Medicine

January 9, 2018

Health inequality is part of life in the USA and Colorado. This issue is woven into our social fabric with other social problems such as massive disparities in income, differential access to education, housing, jobs and other rewards valued by society.  Other sociological forces are in play.  Those impacted can be classified by race, gender, age, those with disabilities or even geography . Analysts have trouble saying which factors are cause and which are effect. The confusing result is a perplexing chicken-and-egg puzzle but a Doctor in Denver is doing something about fixing our broken healthcare system. Her name is Dr. Robin Dickinson and she is now taking patients and is not waiting around for politicians to fix what may stay broken for decades.


 Dr Robin Dickinson, Direct Primary Care 
3333 S Bannock St #820 Denver CO
Tele : 303-883-1417

Now part of a growing trend, Community Supported Family Medicine was one of the first Direct Primary Care practices in Colorado. Designed specifically for normal families hit by rising healthcare costs, the model also allows you to bypass insurance for direct access to Dr. Robin Dickinson, a compassionate personal physician who can provide primary care for the whole family from infants through adults. At only $40 a month for each of the first two members of a family and $15 a month for each subsequent family member, this is high quality care for the rest of us.

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