Demystifying the Promising CBD Market

July 2, 2018

CBD could be one the most talked about products in the health and wellness niche. Surrounding these talks there exists a lot of misinformation. The purpose of this article is to start a conversation on breaking down the concerns and diving into the promises and potential for these miracle drops. Google searches lead you down a rabbit hole of manufacturers, farmers, suppliers, skin care products and confusion over the manufacturing process, prices, legalities, and where or who is the best source ?


The overarching concern is quality. How do I know the authenticity of a $40.00 one ounce bottle? How can one measure quality?  How much Pure CBD should one expect in the mix? Below is a photo of a typical CBD website. Who wouldn't want to tap into these healing qualities? But have these grandiose claims been substantiated with validated clinical studies? I am still searching for answers to many of these questions plus the ones you all have.


We think we found the gold standard in quality here in Colorado. 
The name of the company is Panacea Life Sciences located in Louisville.

We visited with Panacea Life Sciences to educate ourselves and our readers. Here is what we discussed:

BOC: Explain How CBD can help me? 


CBD has been used to help with a wide variety of issues, from pain, gastrointestinal issues and inflammation to anxiety and depression. Recent studies have shown promise in helping with issues arising from sleep disorders, autoimmune disorders and metabolic syndromes.


BOC: What CBD products do you sell?


We are scientifically driven and medically focused as we are a company founded by and run by actual doctors. We offer products where the consumer can control their dosage and get the best possible relief.


Currently we sell:

Our FAST tablets, which are a sublingual tablet that has all the benefits of a tincture, without the chance of extra or not enough CBD per dropper. The great tasting tablet melts in your mouth and dissolves into the CBD oil you’d expect to find and leaves you with no need to carrying around a bottle of liquid. It really differentiates us from other CBD vendors.  This product is THC-Free.

Our DAILY softgels, which come in a variety of strengths, are the best on the market from a bio-availability standpoint. Typically ingested CBD has a lower bio-availability than a sublingually absorbed product, but our DAILY has bioavailability enhancers which allow the maximum possible absorption in a swallowable format. This is a full spectrum product.


Our SOOTHE salve is a topical cream that can be rubbed on to any area of pain, inflammation or discomfort. It is THC free and works within minutes.


Our PETS line is our newest addition to the Panacea family, we have 2 flagship products, the CANINE and EQUINE. With Equine, Panacea Life is the first major CBD company to get in to the horse market and the results have been unbelievable thus far. Our CANINE product is also top of it’s class and is our most unique product. It is a fish oil flavored softgel that can be given as a treat, or you can remove the tail of fish to pour the oil directly into the pet’s mouth or over food. People from all over the country are raving about the PETS line and we are happy to bring relief to all our animal friends.

 BOC: Do you have a Hemp Farm somewhere?  or where do you source your Hemp?


We work with specific choice growers here in Colorado to obtain the highest quality, organically grown hemp plants free from heavy metals, pesticides and fertilizers.  Our state of the art facility is designed to then take the flower delivery and generate our quality products. We extract the hemp right here in our Louisville lab and then formulate, manufacture and package on site.  This ensures that the products meet our high quality standards.


BOC: Do you sell to the public or only through distributors?


We sell directly to the public at Orders over $70.00 ship free and fast. 


Panacea Life Sciences
Science Driven CBD Products

Call 800-985-0515 for product info.

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