CBD Transdermal Pen With Anti-Aging Ingredients

May 31, 2018

CBD NanoSerum™ Now Available for Pre-Order


The Transdermal Pen Uses Advanced Technology and Unique Anti-Aging Ingredients

What: Evolve Formulas’ CBD NanoSerum™ is now available for pre-order by dispensaries. The new 5ml pen utilizes a combination formula of CBD and THC, with each precision-metered dose containing 15mg CBD and 1.5mg THC for maximum therapeutic benefit. Along with naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids and terpenes, the product also contains the restorative ingredient resveratrol. The innovative addition of resveratrol to this pen makes CBD NanoSerum™ a daily solution for antioxidant support, a neuroprotective, a cognitive enhancer and anti-aging promoter.

How: CBD NanoSerum™, like other Evolve Formulas products, utilizes the patented NanoSphere Delivery System™. This is a method of nano-encapsulating cannabis molecules in lipid membranes so that they can be transported through five layers of skin and into the bloodstream in minutes for rapid and effective relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety, as well as systemic therapeutic effects.

Who: Evolve Formulas is a cannabis brand which commercializes products using the technology of parent company and biotech leader NanoSphere Health Sciences. NanoSphere Heath Sciences’ patented NanoSphere Delivery System™ is the biggest development in non-invasive medical delivery in over 25 years.

Where: Click here to pre-order CBD NanoSerum™ from your dispensary.


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