Senior Care: why we avoid discussing or remain silent in an era of too much noise

September 27, 2018

The elderly are treated poorly in USA. They are probably the greatest untapped resource as they have vast knowledge &  experience having lived through World Wars, Cold Wars, Nuclear Blasts, Race Riots and pivoted between the telegram, old school typewriters, endured the Korean and Vietnam violence and conducted enterprises without the internet. They've seen more than we have forgotten.


As our parents age we wonder & worry about the time when they will transition into substitute care. We're uncertain and frightened about the emotional and financial costs. Most families don't have a plan. They just react instead of enact something proactive. 


Finally there is an expert here in Colorado named Carol D Riggenbach. She is based out of the San Luis Valley. Visit her at where you can have a calm and judgment free conversation to discuss all your options. Carol has the interpersonal and clinical expertise to answer all your questions with precision, empathy and takes the awkwardness out of the conversation.





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