Catch 22 IPA. Colorado's Latest Craft Catching On.

March 8, 2019

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Our Craft Brewery editorial department are having trouble meeting deadlines because they're mostly disorderly, semi disoriented and too delighted to do their jobs.  So we have enforced a strict rule that if you take your body weight and divide by 2 that is your ounce of beer per limit per shift. Sorry we had to draw a line in the sand but we have a business to run right? Yes, we're like Homer Simpson's boss when it comes to being so strict with workplace safety.


We're poised to face legal threats for being so reckless with HR protocol but that is why we don't publish our street address. Speaking of the street... here is the word on the street


As Beer Aficionados We've made it our lifelong passion to sort the Nuanced & Complexity of the Colorado Craft Beer marketplace.


Yes, Colorado is the NAPA of Craft Beer.


Some context is needed: In 1984 & in Boston, Sam Adams changed the Beer Industry Landscape. Their initial beer offering was Sam Adams Boston Lager. For those to young or old to remember in 1984 Prince released Purple Rain, Springsteen Born in the USA, and REM's alum The Reckoning was epic. Boulder Beer had released a small home brew batch in 1979 but this didn't carry the disruptive impact as Sam Adams did. 


Meanwhile in Colorado Coors was alive and well. Here is an under reported Colorado Beer Story. Coors Barmen Pilsner was first brewed in what is now the AC Golden Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado. It was initially offered on November 12, 1997. The brewing was later moved to the Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field. In February of 2012, Barmen production was moved back to AC Golden Brewing Company in order to make room for more Blue Moon innovations at the Sandlot Brewery.


Craft Beer in Colorado uses its snow melt water largely from the Central Mountains. This water is paired with grains, other ingredients and matched with daring artisan brewers. These mavericks often drop out of mainstream jobs for the love of beer. Colorado is second in the nation in Craft Beer manufacturing with around 370 Breweries.  Colorado hosts legendary craft products such as Avery, Odell's, Left Hand, New Belgium, Great Divide, Rickolis, Baer, Elevation, WestFax, Pikes Peak and numerous others.


One of our Beer Gurus discovered Catch 22 today. Here are their findings.
Big Beer with traditional IPA virtues such as the expected citrus notes. Catch 22 is hoppy enough without being overwhelming. Finishes with a piney / resin quality. Loving it... Tip it back & Relax!

High Recommend. 4.5 stars because no one's hit a 5 in this news room. 

Over Yonder,Hoppy Bomber

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 Catch 22 IPA
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