Simply said. Birdcall Kicks Ass

September 27, 2018

Birdcall is the Go To Breakfast Spot near DU. Arrived there today in a foul mood. Traffic sucked and I was late dropping off Soren the seven year old at nearby Asbury elementary.  Got an unsolicited nail in my front tire due to careless construction practices adjacent to Asbury. (a subject for another article on the horrendous construction project called 1208 E. Asbury Marion town homes)

Back to Birdcall. I entered the restaurant in a lousy mood but this quickly turned around, perhaps I was *Hangry prior to devouring my "that hit the spot" breakfast.
*Hangry, hybrid slang for "hungry and angry"

The staff was pleasant and I announced that I couldn't see the menu as I failed to bring my reading glasses. One of the groovy Birdcall team members assisted me in placing an order through their user friendly tablet that took about 15 seconds to execute. Birdcall is a futuristic fast casual concept but with a handcrafted vibe. 


I ordered this tasty turkey sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich & coffee. The coffee was piping hot and had an upscale coffee taste without the price tag. Meanwhile the breakfast arrived in about 4 minutes. So it isn't fast food in a Taco Bell unhealthy sense, it is fast in a mindful of your time but healthy simultaneously.

The interior design is superb. The architectural theme is modern with unexpected yet inviting color scheme, chic booths, light oak tables and morning yellow rectangular steel tube trim. The wall art features folk art inspired chicks engaged in various active lifestyles (a fun motif...roller skating, playing tennis, family friendly and clever) The honeycomb hexagonal wall and floor tire match the honeycomb modules where food is staged for the patrons. The bathrooms are splendid with modern toilets, futuristic fixtures and a glorious glowing neon light surrounding  the circular mirror. It made my older face look a little younger.

The food is affordable. My breakfast and coffee priced around 7 bucks which is pleasantly surprising against the recent backdrop of pricey Denver turning towards ridiculous of late.


I'm excited to return after 5pm to try their branded IPA made by Breckenridge. 

     Birdcall - Local Beer, Local food, Friendly Staff, Affordable Pricing, et al.

Birdcall wins in the all important 3 zones of food scoring.
Great Food, Service &Atmosphere.  Boom !

5 stars, High Recommend. 

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