Finally, a Promising Treatment for Alcohol & Substance Abuse

January 23, 2019

                    17 Million USA people with severe problematic drinking habits.
                     Allpria Healthcare has identified a promising treatment...Ketamine.

In USA and Europe there were periods in time where men were spending so much time around saloons that women and children's physical needs such as basic food, shelter, medicine and clothing were bypassed as many men would drink away all their money. 

In UK, in the 1800's, women received direct payments from the government to care for women and children based on the aforementioned drinking incidents. The prohibition era in USA existed from 1920 to 1933 (less than a century ago)

This is not to suggest that men are the sinners and women are the saints. Today the problem cuts across all divides (age, gender, race, income)

Today more than 17 million men and women drink alcohol to the extent that the problem drinking does one or more of the following:
- interferes with job performance
- interferes with interpersonal relations

- interferes with marriages and creates family issues
- creates legal problems
- creates financial problems
- creates significant health risks

But there is some great news. A local healthcare provider named Allpria Healthcare is introducing innovative treatments to alcohol and substance abuse.

Allpria Healthcare's Dr. CJ Frandrup has used his years of diagnostic and treatment experience to deliver promise and treatments to some of Denver's greatest social and health problems.

Ketamine - Promising Treatment for Problem Drinking

Most abusers of alcohol are "self medicating" a myriad of problems including interpersonal difficulties, low self image, depression, anxiety, feelings of remorse surrounding past life events, and even to mask future fears.


Alcohol is still glamorized by manufacturers and most social mixers include events surrounding alcohol. The access to alcohol coupled with the user's need to self medicate create this public health crisis.  Ketamine works to boost the brain's pleasure buttons and along with modalities such a cognitive behavioral therapy; problem drinking cases are showing astounding recovery and long term success via Allpria Healthcare's ketamine protocol.



Allpria Healthcare
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