August 22, 2018

A Pain Clinic with a Passion to Treat Addiction and Pain

Aurora, CO  (August 22, 2018)
Allpria Healthcare is a new breed in pain clinics. Their Values & Vision surrounds a treatment paradigm based on treating the whole patient with various modalities, including but not limited to interventional treatments, DRG therapy, w/ complimentary treatments such as physical therapy, massage , chiropractic and acupuncture as well. Allpria Healthcare CEO Anna Henry asserts, "We are laser focused on treating the patient on opioids who would like to find new pain mgt. solutions that are non addictive."

The Opioid crisis is upon us and according the the NIHCM “In 2016, there were 40,704 overdose deaths involving one or more of the opioids…” In Colorado in 2017 there were approximately 1,000 deaths due to opioids and heroin, according to Colorado Public Radio…People are in pain for various reasons and have become addicted to the very medicines meant to alleviate their pain. Allpria works with patients who are experiencing both acute and chronic pain.


Allpria Healthcare is a new breed of pain clinic in Colorado, in that our physicians are board certified and trained in anesthesia, pain and addiction medicine. They understand the pain and addiction often run together. Their clinicians will treat with suboxone for the patient struggling to discontinue their opioid use. In four years, Allpria guided over 300 patients to quit their opioids, and have their pain treated. Dr. Frandrup, while serving in the armed forces abroad has an astounding record. Under his treatment supervision there were no suicides.  Allpria Healthcare's Anna Henry continued, "We've adapted this strategy from the battlefield to our community helping and treating everyday Coloradans on their path to wellness."

Allpria Healthcare are certified in and provide:

• Addiction solutions with suboxone
• Implanted pain pumps
• Pain block injections
• psychological support throughout therapy

Henry further stated, "We are bringing a new methodology to pain treatment in CO but our doctors have a combined 20 plus years of treating pain and a track record of treating pain with success, not more addiction." 

PUBLISHER SIDENOTE - I believe that almost everyone is in some kind of pain be it emotional or physical. Moreover I want to urge our BOC readers to seek all the available resources to prevent and manage pain. There are many solutions ranging from guided imagery, natural cures, spiritual solutions but for more serious injuries it is the best practice to consult with experts such as Dr. Frandrup and his astounding team as they will employ individualized care surrounding the aforementioned interventions listed in this special health alert. 


Allpria Healthcare - Gold Medal Winner
Medical Breakthroughs




We use the most advanced, evidence-based interventional pain procedures, including injection therapies, nerve blocks, implantable pain devices, spinal cord stimulation and alternatives to opioid medications. Our doctors deliver integrative pain medicine with a heightened awareness of the issues around addiction, particularly opioid addiction.
More Info:
Contact Anna Henry 
Allpria Healthcare
T) 909 663 6009


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