TECHO.Glass & SmartGlass wins Gold Medal. Colorado's Top Ranked Start Up offering Products of Distinction.

May 20, 2019

DENVER, Colorado - Glass Technology Transforming Glass Walls.

TECHNO.Glass headquartered in Greenwood Village Colorado takes home the Gold Medal as Colorado's Top Technology / Startup Company. Read why TECHNO.Glass won the Gold Medal.

Liquid Crystal or (PDLC Electrochromic Glass) switches from opaque to transparent with flip of switch, tap of an app or remote. 

Replacing Curtains and Blinds, please view this 10 second video showing the glass switching to privacy on demand

video shows glass switching from opaque to transparent
in an office located in Boston 

TECHO.Glass positioning points:

  • Leaders in Broadcast Glass, Lowest Priced
    Source of SmartGlass in USA

  • Overseas Factory & US Based Factory & Fabrication

  • LC company also installs yielding "turnkey" accountability

  • First to incorporate Loyalty Glass, Coupon Glass,
    HR Compliance Glass

  • up to 7 year Warranty , material & labor

  • Top Rated Quality & Customer Service


Hotel, Resorts, Casinos

For modern hotel design, Smartglass instantly switches from transparency to opaque creating a luxurious statement providing guests with a bright spacious sanctuary and privacy on demand.


Healthcare Industry demanding
Sterile & Germ Free Rooms

Smartglass offers the guest privacy and dignity while offering staff the ability to monitor without risking contamination. Replacing curtains and blinds, Smartglass is an easily clean surface that prevents the spread of bacteria common in modern hospitals.

Offices, Specialty Retail,
Restaurants, Spa & Wellness

From corporate headquarters to technology hubs, Smartglass redefines environments in an instant. The ability to switch a wall from clear to private elevates partitions to stunning design features enhancing the functionality of the workplace and stimulating creativity among employees.

TECHNO.Glass - Transform Your Ordinary Storefront Glass into Extraordinary Outdoor Cinema

Polite Advertising - Ads & Images appear when you want them to and disappear when you want them to.

Proximity Ads have best Return on Investment because you are messaging to the very people closest to your point of sale.

This is up to 10 times less expensive than
Facebook, Google, Retargeting Platforms & Expensive LED Digital Signs.


Video below shows our LC film being used by Nike, Audi, promoting iPhone, Burberry, Gucci and Apple. The following statement rings true.

BOC marketing states, "If proximity projections work for Nike, Audi, Apple and other brand giants then by using common sense surrounding technology transfer it will work for any business." 


Projection / Polite Ads - Proximity Ads work because they "entice" foot traffic and people that drive by - reach thousands per day and spark the interest of consumers with discretionary cash closest to your business.


 TECHNO.Glass SmartGlass


- Lowest priced LC GLASS


- Factory Direct


- Gold Medal for Price, Service, Quality

Contact Jon Little @ 720- 572-9605



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