Anxiety, Chronic Pain & Substance Abuse issues improved by Evolve NanoSerum™

November 13, 2017

This special HealthAlert is part of an ongoing series where BOC editorial staff and BOC readers are engaged in substantive dialogue surrounding the issue of pain management. It is our thesis that all people have some kind of pain (be it physical or emotional.) The marketplace for pain management can be confusing at least or confounding in most cases. Western medicine tends to use chemical solutions but we have reported on some Western healtchare providers that treat pain with innovative treatments like ketamine drips and nerve block injections in lieu of narcotics. We are also going to be reporting on a series of natural cures including CBD, Cannabis, Herbal, Guided Imagery and even the use of hallucinogens / healing rituals as seen in some Native Cultures.

This is part 2 of our 5 part series.

FOREWORD - Evolve NanoSerum™ 10ml (Recreational) is a transdermal serum that immediately penetrates the skin to deliver direct-focused relief from pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Evolve NanoSerum™ is the world's first and only clinically-tested transdermal cannabis product to relieve pain in minutes.

Xio D. Harmon, a Psy.D. from Cambridge Ontario, just published his field notes surrounding research on three different patients over the past 120 days. Here are his findings.


Case 1 - Presenting Problem - Anxiety.
Case subject named Serena presented extreme periods of overwhelming fear and worry. She had racing thoughts and these ruminations interfered with her work performance, social interactions and sleep.

Treatment Approach - Evolve NanoSerum™ - applied to her temples 3x daily.


Outcome - Serena has experienced significant reduction in anxiety symptoms. Lots of her tension has been replaced with feelings of serenity and calmness. She reports improved sleep quality.

Case 2 - Presenting Problem - Chronic Pain.
Case subject named Sebastian had lower back pain stemming from battlefield wounds from a tour of combat in the 2005 War in Iraq. Chronic pain is pain that lasts more than four months. The pain can intensify and/or become progressively worse. The pain often reoccurs intermittently with spikes that can be rated extremely high on the pain scale. Often pain is treated with opioids and Sebastian wanted to try treatment modalities in lieu of narcotics.

Treatment Approach - Evolve NanoSerum™ - applied to lower back, PRN

Outcome - Sebastian reports that the tension and pain in his lower back has improved. He states that he has improved mobility and has especially noted remarkable improvements during transitions. Prior to treatment with Evolve he had said that after being in a chair for a while that his pain was excruciating upon getting up or transitioning. Overall Sebastian said he has noticed significant reduction of pain.


Case 3 - Presenting Problem - Substance Abuse.
Case subject named Cassandra had severe problems with drug and alcohol abuse. She was using street drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Due to her drug addiction she had lost her job and her social interactions were impaired. She had poor peer relations, low self image, was oppositional, defiant and involved in self destructive practices such as sexual promiscuity, suicidal ideation and cutting. Moreover she had legal problems such as misdemeanor shop lifting and felony drug charges. She had disrupted out of rehab settings on three different occasions.

Treatment Approach -  Evolve NanoSerum™ - applied to wrists
and temples 3 x daily and or PRN


Outcome - Cassie has shown marked improvements in remaining free of street drugs for over 45 days. Her family members have stated that Cassie is not as manipulative, sneaky or defiant. Her self destructive behavior has ceased. Due to her phenomenal consistency with following her probation requirements Cassie is starting to integrate into mainstream society including working part time in a retail setting and delivering food with a popular food delivery app.

                       NanoSerum™  transdermal serum

- Cases & Clinical Trials between 90 to 120 days.
-  With Random Wellness Checks around 100th day.

-  Intake Questioning Revised MMPI - 2
-  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, DSM-5





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