The Fisherman, The Pearl & The Most High Merchant

💥 We are all the point in this story 💥📚



There was a fisherman.. Serious in his work.
HE CATCHES a substantial fish one day and returns to his house looking forward to his wonderful seafood dinner. And while the fisherman's wife was cutting & preparing the fish she discovers something spectacular.


She discovers in the Fish's belly a brilliant pearl

She says, "My husband, My husband, look what I found "


~"What is it? "~ It's a pearl. A brilliant and beautiful Pearl !

The Fisherman took the pearl and went to deal with the town's merchant.

The merchant said, "I can't buy it. It is invaluable to me. But go to the Sheik in the next city. Maybe he can buy it from you.

So the Fisherman took his pearl and went to the Sheik in the next city. He tried hard to sell the brilliant Pearl to the Sheik but the Sheik said " Brother, what you have is invaluable to me, But I found you a solution. Go to the city of the Central Exchange, the Most High Merchant holds the Most Power - He can buy a pearl such as yours"


The Fisherman was energized with the good news and did as directed. The Fisherman stood at the entrance of the Most High Merchant with his precious treasure waiting for permission to enter. The Most High Merchant said, "How Splendid, You are Holding Precisely the Pearl I'm looking for. I don't know how to reward you. It is of the highest value. It is priceless.


Here is what I will do for you in exchange for your Beautiful Pearl . I'll let you in my palace's most precious room of valuable items. You'll stay in there for six hours, take whatever you want, in exchange for the pearl.

 The Fisherman said: "Sir, you may make it two hours.
It's a lot of hours for a busy worker like me"


The Most High Merchant replied,
"No, six hours or NO DEAL"


The Fisherman agreed and entered the palace of splendor where he was taken back by a spectacular array of treasures. A Very big room.. divided into three sections.


First, A section full of jewels and gold. 
Second , a luxurious Bed.
Third, A glorious spread of Food. A Buffet of Gourmet Food. All You Can Eat and Drink!


Again the Fisherman thought to himself...
Six hours?? It's so much for a simple Fisherman like me,
What am I gonna do in six hours?


He devised a Plan. Okay, I'll start with the food in section three.


I will eat until I fill my belly. With this energy I can collect as much gold as possible. So the Fisherman went exactly as planned and went to section three and spent two hours of time. He ate and ate and then was ready to enter the first section (the section with the Gold & Jewels ) But on the way he noticed that luxurious bed. He thought to himself,
I can lay down since I have so many hours to burn.


The Fisherman went to the luxurious bed intending to rest just a bit but fell into a deep sleep.


And after a while, He awakened to the shuttering shout. He heard the Most High Merchant yelling to him:


"Get up, you idiot hunter & fisherman! The deadline is over.


😟 " huh.. What?!!! I didn't take anything"


"Yeah, come on out empty handed."

The Fisherman cried out, "Please, I haven't had the chance to gather my prize(s)."


"Six hours and you're in this precious palace and now you're out of your negotiated time. You want more jewels? No Way, Forget it ! Get out. I've served up just for you the most splendor....a room full of glorious gold, delectable food and luxury. And you had a chance to make the most of this fortune, But you're an idiot. Guards, take him out."


The Fisherman says, "No, no, please, please"  as a final plea.


The Most High Merchant Now Very Angry ends the Negotiation by saying , "Story's over - But the lesson isn't over yet."

"Did you see that pearl?
It Is your soul.
It's an invaluable treasure..
But you don't know how much that treasure is.

See that palace?
It's the world
Look at her splendor!


And look at our use of it.

As for the jewels:
It's good business.
And about the bed
At the most critical time you became lazy & oblivious.

And about food and drink:
They're lusts.


And now, my brother, the simple fisherman.
You shall become the story reader~

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